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Google Street View Comes to Mazatlan

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I was delighted to discover a few weeks ago that Street View for Google Maps has come to Mazatlan. I spent hours looking around at pictures of this city that I walk every day. Kinda crazy, I know, but hey, I'm a geek. I stuck me that it would be a great way to show some of you who have never been here around my home town.

Unfortunately, the Street View truck only hit a few of the major streets in Mazatlan, preventing me from showing you some of my truly favorite spots, but I want to show you some of the things I have talked about here and some of my favorite attractions in and around downtown.

Here is the Piño Suarez market, also often referred to as the Central Mercado, in the middle of downtown. Unfortunately the street they traveled with the cameras is the one where the busses come and go, so the view is pretty obstructed, but you can peek around a bit.

Piño Suarez Market

Here is the famous Catedral Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Construction on the cathedral started in 1855 and was completed in 1880. The towers were added in 1893-1894. The famous organ was built by Aristide Cavaillie and added in May of 1899. The cathedral is unique in the world, in that each of its 28 stained glass windows features the Star of David.

Catedral Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción

The statue of Pedro Infante is the first monument as you start your walk along the Malecón. In fact, it marks the Southern start of the Malecón. Pedro Infante is like a cross between James Dean and Elvis and is a beloved and well-remebered personality. This is a popular monument and prime gathering place of bikers during Moto Week.

Pedrom Infante

Here is a view of Icebox Hill. There are some really stupendous views from up there of both the city and the ocean, so, of course, that's where a lot of expensive houses are. There are several stories about the historic use of the cave in the base of the hill, the most prolific being as ice storage, but none of them can be confirmed.

Icebox Hill

Puerto Viejo is a very popular ocean side bar where people gather each night to drink some cold Pacifico and watch the sunset. There is always a round of applause when the green flash makes an appearance.

Puerto Viejo

This is the entrance to the cave in Ice Box Hill. The city has put up a gate both for safety and to keep vagrants out. Many tourists stop for a peek inside the cave, and, unfortunately, seem to throw their trash inside as long as they are there.

La Cueva del Diablo

Mazatlecan women are renowned throughout the world for their beauty. I have to say, the reputation is well deserved. La Mujer Mazatleca is a monument to Mazatlecas' beauty and strength and is an inspiration to many.

La Mujer Mazatleca

This is my favorite fruteria in town. It is run by two sweet widows who are incredibly nice to us, even if they do think we still don't know how to count Mexican money. If I have picked out a few items that they don't think are good enough, they will instruct the store helper to go into the back and find better specimens for me from the crates that haven't been unpacked yet.

Fruiteria Del Pacifico

Casa del Campesino is one of the best all-around hardware stores I have been in, and one of my favorite shops in town. Need a saw, a machete, a drill bit, a padlock, or two nails? They have it. Need suction cup hooks, a tortilla press, a molinillo, a barbecue, or a bird cage? They have it. Need fishing lures, batteries, Zippo fluid, a broom, or a life-size replica of Excalibur. Yes. They have all of that, too. I visit this store at least once a week.

Casa del Campesino

I know this building says hotel, but it is the billiard supply store we have recently become well acquainted with. It is actually a hotel, but the owners decided to ditch the large lobby and instead convert it into another profit-generating business, and we are glad that they did. Now all of our pool accessories are only a casual stroll from our front door. The only thing I don't like about the place is their obnoxious, blind bull dog who barks ceaselessly and will not shut up long enough for me to ask a question!

Hotel Morales

One day I asked the Flan Man where to get the freshest eggs in town. I figured if anyone would know, it would be him. He directed me to the Super Escobosa. What a find. Not only do they have very fresh eggs, but quality produce and fresh meats. Plus a little of everything else, making it a great place to stop when I need to do some general grocery shopping...and there are never any lines.

Super Escobosa

Comments (5)
  • Zoe
    That was a fun ride and it didn't even cost me a bus ticket!
  • jennifer
    Chuck and I are going to start virtually exploring some other cities we have been wanting to visit and haven't yet found the time - like Guadalajara! It is a lot of fun :)
  • Guest  - cool
    I like the way you can move up and down the streets and zoom into shop windows. Camachos for example across from Casa de Campesino and about a block east on Zaragoza has one of the best selections in town of parts for domestic appliances, blenders, etc.
  • jennifer
    I was really surprised how much detail you can really see. Yes, you CAN go virtual shopping ;)
  • Chris  - Google
    And with Google, if you take the "Google man" and put him on the map you get a street view that you can turn 360 degrees.
  • jennifer
    You can look up and down, too!

    I found my place. Looks right at the front. Guess who's car is parked right in front? Yep only you would get it right first time. Jajajaja
  • jennifer
    Aw, my truck is memorialized forever!
  • Sheryll
    Thanks for the heads up on this!

    Do you know when it was done? I can see a poster for the Festival Internacional de Danza dated 20-26 April 2009. And Star Trek is playing at Cinemas Gaviotas.
  • jennifer
    All of the images seem to indicate that the photos were taken in 2009. We noticed it was available in April 2010, but I don't know when it first published.
  • Sheryll
    It was definitely after mid-March 2009 as the house we were staying in shows some alterations since we left. I thought Star Trek came out in May 09.
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