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Some Things Transcend Language

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Our getting-ready-for-bed routine was disrupted by an appallingly loud noise in the front of our house. It sounded like someone trying to pound their way through our front gate. Chuck and I looked at each other, and he went to peek out the window to see what was going on. As he was headed through the living room, the noise changed to resemble something more like someone hammering on concrete with a large sledgehammer. I nervously waited for Chuck to come back. When he did, his shoulders were shaking with laughter. Dying to find out why, I rushed to the window to have a look for myself.

Right across the street, there was a very angry woman with a tire iron taking out her frustrations on an innocent and new Dodge pickup. We had noticed the truck several nights after dark recently, and figured someone new had moved into the apartment building across the street. This unique turn of events told me we were wrong. In fact, I am guessing the pickup has no business being parked there at all. You just don't get a woman that angry without seeking recreation where you shouldn't.

She was swinging like a champ, with all of the ardor of a woman betrayed. Here's a tip: if you are looking for a vehicle with really tough windows, buy a new Dodge pickup. Those windows really hung in there, accepting a good 15 solid whacks before giving way.

After she conquered the rear window, she opened the driver's side door to attack that window from the inside, finally setting off the alarm and alerting the unfortunate owner to the vehicular assault. He must have been quite distracted indeed to not be called by all the noise that brought us to our windows.

Once he was outside, the screaming portion of the show began. As most gringos down here can tell you, the first words people love to teach you are the ones inappropriate for use in polite company. Those are also the words that I remember the most. I had no trouble at all picking out one such word being used both forcefully and repeatedly.

Then, showing that she is a multitasking kind of gal, she combined the screaming and the swinging, this time aiming with zeal for the head of the unlucky libertine. That man has some moves. He can bob and duck like a professional. To his credit, he never tried to hurt her. He deftly avoided her blows until he could disarm her. Once she had no means of further brutalizing the truck, she screamed a few more choice phrases, got into her car, and sped off in a glorious cacophony of screeching tires and honking horn, making only a half-hearted attempt to run him over with her exit trajectory.

Once alone, he cleaned up any glass in the street and prepared to leave. He looked quite a bit like a dog with his tail between his legs, and, head down, climbed into his truck and drove away. I figured that was a hard lesson learned, but one learned well. Again I was wrong. Less than a week later, the truck has reappeared, still after dark, with all new windows. I wonder how long they will last.

Comments (2)
  • soulpatch
    I am guessing until the next "indescretion". Windows are an easy out, body parts? Ouch, whole 'nother story.
    My wife wouldn't even think about the windows...... :woohoo:
  • jennifer  - re:
    soulpatch wrote:
    My wife wouldn't even think about the windows

    I wouldn't either...of course, I own half of those windows. ;)

    Seriously, although I can laugh at getting physical revenge on a man's truck (heck, you can even call it a cultural imperative where I'm from) the line has to be drawn at physical harm to a person, no matter what kind of cheating b***ard he is. Physical payback for emotional pain is never cool.
  • Zoe Jussel
    At least it wasn't YOU this time! When I read the first sentence, I thought to myself "good golly Miss Molly, what is happening to them now?"

    Unlike you, now that OUR neighborhood is "blight-free", it is almost TOO quiet. Unlike your experience when you were here. Keep on truckin'.
  • jennifer
    Nope! Not me!

    Just a great night's entertainment with a fabulous story to tell for the rest of my life.

    I am glad things are quiet there. I wish you continuing peace, even if it is a bit boring...
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