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Ugh. I'm Terrible

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I have been an incredibly bad blogger lately. And, I hate to say, it's going to continue for a bit. The good news is it's because I'm inundated with work. I don't use the term casually, either. I am past the point where I would have been turning down work back when we lived in the US. But I know that summer is coming, and things will get really s-l-o-w. I am trying to be a good little squirrel and store up all the nuts I can. So, I am scheduling start dates on projects further and further in the future. I still have seven active projects right now, and it will probably keep up this way for another 6-8 weeks. After spending 12 hours straight sitting here on my duff programming, I just can't sit here any longer to write for the blog.

But, I promise I have posts coming. I can't wait to finally tell you about my parents' visit. And Tasha's ehrlichiosis. That's something that all dog owners really need to look out for. I also want to start a menu cache of places that deliver. I have needed that a lot lately! I found a few gems I will share, too. And I need to follow up on my Carl's JR visits (yes plural). I am really out practice for eating chemicals and processed food. And, and,and...well, I am keeping a list of the things I want to share. I hope you come back to read them.

Comments (4)
  • Nancy  - Ugh. I'm Terrible
    Haven't seen you around in ages, one of these days when you pull your eyes off the monitor give a holler... I'll buy you a beer at the beach or something.
  • jennifer
    It's a date Nancy - how about in May ;)
  • Anonymous
    I have heard that the majority of street dogs here have erlichia. It can be difficult to discern and I am sorry to hear yours had it, but hope she is fine now. My son had a lovely dog in Arizona that was being TREATED for it by a vet, a young sweet dog, and he didn't make it despite treatment.

    Glad, too, you are one of the lucky ones finding all the work you need.
  • jennifer
    I am glad to report that Tasha is recovered after a long series of shots and pills. Thanks.
  • Pam Russell
    A list of places that deliver is a great idea! Hope you include gold zone as well as centro. I would use this a LOT!
  • jennifer
    I am thinking dividing the list by area. If you have some favorites, please take photos or scan the menus so I can include them. Delivery season will be here soon...
  • motonetas  - hi
    Thanks for the post in this site I will bookmark this page and tell my friend about this blog I think this article increase my knowledge. Thank you!
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